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10 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to WordPress, the most frustrating issues concern plugins, SEO, as well as browser compatibility and poor content. Here are 10 of the most common WordPress mistakes to avoid when you get started. 1. The Most Common WordPress Mistake: Plugins of Unknown Origin Using plugins from unidentified sources leads to serious consequences both in terms of the functionality and security of the site. Search only for safe solutions: Use the official WordPress…

3 Important Stages of Communication in the Process of Web Development Outsourcing

Going with the website development outside your company is not only a solution but a business process. Yet outsourcing, especially to another country, is somehow still perceived as a sign of the company’s weakness or, worse, an act of desperation. This is surprising, owing to the fact that the advantages of web development outsourcing are generally known but perhaps seldom discussed in detail. When we spend a thought on this, we’ll figure that outsourcing has…

What Would Be the Best CMS for You and Your Business and Why the Answer is Always WordPress?

So you’ve decided to create a website. You read an article or two, you’ve learned all the names – Magento, Drupal, WordPress, whatever – and you have a rather clear idea of what purposes your website should have and an outline for how it should look like. You need to face one of the most technologically important questions, right now: what CMS should I choose? With that many solutions the current market has to offer,…

Working with a Client – How to Minimize Risk of Miscommunication

Sending and receiving emails is one of the things that we all have to do in our day-to-day business lives. With such a substantial part of our time spent on communication, it makes sense to figure out some key rules and stick to them, making sure you are understood, no piece of information gets overseen an you make a good impression on your client. In this article, I’ll enlist the ways that make this work…

How we customized WooCommerce with the help of plugins – print4display case study

It sometimes happens that when building an online shop, you’re not able to find the perfect theme that meets all your needs – both from the visual and functional perspective. Especially when the options you need go beyond the default possibilities of WooCommerce. So the best thing to do is to choose a theme that comes closest to your ideal page and to install appropriate extensions (plugins), which will enrich your website with custom functions.
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