3 Decisions That You Should Make Before Using WordPress to Create Your Website [part 2/3]

Choosing the right of server and hosting provider can make or break your website. Why? Well, a stable server means a stable website and vice versa – any interruptions in the hosting service means that users are unable to access the site. Such disturbances can lead to financial losses for your business, especially if you run an online store. Check the differences between a server and hosting services and make an informed decision in choosing the best server for WordPress and the best WP hosting.

3 Decisions That You Should Make Before Using WordPress to Create Your Website [part 1/3]

Which WordPress platform should I use? Which server I should choose? And what’s the best way to buy a domain? These are the three most important factors you must consider before creating your website as they will play a big part in its success or failure. I’m going to make it easy for you by breaking down the different options and help you decide on each of these issues. In this article, I will focus on the very first, which is – which platform should I use – or

HTML5 banners rule! Check out our 3 ideas on nice ads effects

Why are we writing about HTML5 banner ads, not mentioning Flash or GIF technologies? Well, you can create banner ads in all those formats. However, the HTML5 technology has indisputable advantages. It is supported by all browsers, which means that a user doesn’t have to install any plugin or software to be able to view an HTML5 banner ad on his or her browser. What’s more, the 5th version of HTML allows you to create interactive, video, and animated banners using only the HTML code. So, let’s have a look at our favorite 3 effects that will make your ad shine in 2018.

10 tips on how to code an email newsletter

Want to create an HTML email template? Remember that it is not only its design what matters. It is also the dysfunction of tools available on the market. For example, some mail applications may not support the solutions you want to use in your email code. So, how to make your newsletter look good on every device and in every email application? See our checklist of best practices in coding emails!

Check out our idea for banner design in times of an ad blindness

In times of so-called banner blindness, it is really hard to win over Internet users’ attention. Usually, they subconsciously ignore banner-like information. And ironically, the more screaming the ad is, the more invisible for users it gets. Check out our idea for creating and displaying website banners.
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