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WooCommerce vs. Magento – which one is better for your business?

Setting up an online store is now simpler than ever. The market is full with original products that will enable you to create and manage your e-commerce website with ease. Two of these solutions stand out, as they take a lot of the market. As of 2018, almost 30% of all online stores are handled by WooCommerce while Magento is the most popular Content Management System dedicated specifically to e-commerce. Let’s forget about Shopify here for a while and take a closer look at the differences, benefits and drawbacks of these two.

How we moved to the world of fantasy with the Hexe Capital English Club

If you think the only thing we do at Cut2Code is work, you’re wrong! Above all, we try to create a good working atmosphere, providing ground to personal growth. You wonder how? Well, from time to time, we meet to practice our English skills, have conversations and play games. Find out how we played last week!

How to prevent a SEO-catastrophe when redesigning your website – part 1

Launching a newer version of your website often depends on tough deadlines. However, you cannot skip creating a thought through SEO strategy for your Internet service. Otherwise, it can lead to a disaster, where you will have difficulties to achieve the planned results. What should you remember about while building a newer version of your website? How to avoid losing the produced SEO effects? In this article, I will explain how website URLs work.

How to customize a WordPress theme to suit your needs?

So you want to create a website on WordPress? In the beginning, consider the purpose of the site, and what stands behind it – what functions it should have and how it should look like. When it comes to the latter, there are many options available, because WordPress itself offers thousands of themes – some are paid, some free, many dedicated to specific industries or with built-in functionalities, for example in the form of a plug-in.

3 Decisions That You Should Make Before Using WordPress to Create Your Website [part 2/3]

Choosing the right of server and hosting provider can make or break your website. Why? Well, a stable server means a stable website and vice versa – any interruptions in the hosting service means that users are unable to access the site. Such disturbances can lead to financial losses for your business, especially if you run an online store. Check the differences between a server and hosting services and make an informed decision in choosing the best server for WordPress and the best WP hosting.
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