Converting PSD to HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and ModX themes, mobile application, or an email template has never been so easy. Are you looking for the best place to transform your vision to reality? You are in the right spot.

Check our simple, six-steps process of work.


STEP 1: Debriefing

We are obsessed with the pricing being as accurate as possible. That is why, once you send us the form with attached graphic file, we will contact you in order to discuss all the details and suggest the best price, conditions and timing to realize the project. After everything is settled, you just need to fill the second form with all final arrangements and send it back to us. Once this part is done we update the pricing and kick start the creation process.


STEP 2: Budgeting

First thing you need to take care of is setting up the price for your order. It is very easy – the only thing you need to do is to fill the form and attach the graphic file you want us to convert. Remember that all files can be in any extension – we will take care of all popular types. After sending the project you will be contacted by us to decide on the price. The minute you transfer the payment we start working on the order.


STEP 3: Development

Whether it involves converting photoshop files to HTML, WordPress theme, email template or a mobile application, our developers make sure all the coding is done according to your guidelines. During the phases of setting up the price and debriefing about your idea we collect all the inputs and create the needed design. Once we know what and how to make your vision come true, all you need to do is just sit back, relax and wait until it’s done!

quality assurance

STEP 4: Quality Assurance

You won’t pay for something that is not 100% perfect for you. We know how the vision can slightly change during the time you are waiting for the project to be ready. That is why you always have a possibility to check the progress of our work. The Quality Assurance stage aims to ensure best delivery possible and make the final artwork 100% accurate to your needs and idea. We give you access to your project on a testing server where you can provide us with all the inputs and make necessary tests.


STEP 5: Delivery

Pricing – check. Debriefing and development – check. Quality Assurance and corrections – also check. What is left? The last stage of our process is delivering your project. There’s no bigger joy for our team than watching a happy customer enjoy his vision become reality!

post-launch support

STEP 6: Post-launch support

Bonus! We know that sometimes you may face unexpected technical challenges. This is why we give you possibility to get additional support for your order. Usually the support period lasts 30 days but it can be extended, if you need it. During that time we will make sure that everything is working absolutely perfect. © 2019