Ruby on Rails development

Sometimes Your business idea requires a tailored software solution. Ruby on Rails is the technology behind Twitter and Shopify.
We are good at Ruby, but more importantly we are good at working with ideas. We are proud of our track record of transforming vague ideas into well-oiled money-making machines.

Let’s have a chat, we don’t need to know too many details to draft you a plan for bringing your idea to life.

We develop software on Ruby on Rails, one of the most powerful rapid development platforms available.

The first step is to understand the business problem we are working to solve. Many common problems already have a nice solution, but your idea is probably something that has not yet been done. Therefore we’ll make sure we understand the unique advantage you need us to create for you.

Software is not just code. A complete solution includes clear documentation and automated tests. It should be easily scalable, so it can handle increasing traffic and allow you to service a growing number of your customers. All this is true and really necessary, but sometimes you just need a quick prototype to test if it works. We can do that too.
Once your idea is successful and you have built a useful software solution, it tends to start to evolve. There are always new ideas, necessary improvements. We call it “a good problem to have”.
Still, you as a customer may want to bring your project to your in-house development team to cut costs or, who knows, maybe to hire more developers to move faster.

Ruby on Rails is an excellent platform for handing over development projects, because it has a rather strict convention called “the Rails way of doing things”. This means it is future-proof and new Rails developers can easily work on solutions built by others.

Let’s start your first project