10 September 2018

How we moved to the world of fantasy with the Hexe Capital English Club


Kamila Kołaczkowska Kamila Kołaczkowska

If you think the only thing we do at Cut2Code is work, you’re wrong! Above all, we try to create a good working atmosphere, providing ground to personal growth. You wonder how? Well, from time to time, we meet to practice our English skills, have conversations and play games. Find out how we played last week!

What is the Hexe Capital English Club about?

The Hexe Capital English Club is an initiative that started in July, 2018. Every Tuesday and Friday, Karolina or Sławek count how many club members are present at work. On the basis of this, they prepare odd or even numbers depending on how many people are going to participate. Those who have drawn the same numbers, set up time for their meeting.

Some of us go to our cozy office garden, some for a short walk in the nearby neighborhood, and others meet by our coffee machine. Each conversation is supposed to last up to 20 minutes. The subjects are chosen randomly or suggested by Karolina or Sławek. However, in practice, our conversations are usually spontaneous, thanks to which we get to know each other better.

Story Cubes

Last Thursday, from 1 and 2 PM, we unleashed our creativity, playing Story Cubes. It’s a fun storytelling game, where each person draws one or more cubes and tries to create a story related to the images they present.
english club playing story cubes

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Hexe Capital English Club playing Story Cubes

We had a blast, inventing a knight forced to make a driving license, a giant whale popping out of a briefcase, dwarfs playing football with sunflowers, masquerade balls, and age-changing time machines.  

It’s hard not to like this game because we couldn’t stop laughing. Story Cubes is an effective method to learn English because the friendly atmosphere and fertile imagination make perfect ground for bizarre and amusing stories.


Story Cubes is great because I don’t have to worry about making mistakes. I just give it all my best and have fun with it.

– says our front-end developer, Andżelika.


Thanks to the Hexe Capital English Club, we have a lot of fun, and, at the same time, constantly improve our English speaking skills.

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